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When you are missing one or more teeth it creates gaps in your smile. These gaps in your smile not only affect your physical appearance, empty spaces caused by tooth loss affect your ability to properly chew, eat, speak, smile, and enjoy life. Dental bridges are an integral part of modern dentistry and are used to replace missing teeth. This dental restoration consists of two or more custom crowns—usually made from porcelain. These are placed on the abutment or anchoring teeth which act as the main support for your bridge and are on either side of the space formed by your non-existent teeth. Not only are fixed dental bridges strong, but they are also reliable and in most cases look and feel like natural teeth.

dental bridges in chestermere

What are The Advantages of Dental Bridges?

Looking for dental bridges near you? We are happy to offer dental bridges in Chestermere, AB T1X 0V8 to our patients.

When you receive dental bridges you can expect:

  • Excellent chewing comfort
  • A normal bite force that is corrected and re-distributed
  • That your face shape is maintained
  • Improved speech and eating ability
  • Longevity when proper dental care is maintained

What is the Procedure for Dental Bridges?

If your dentist has determined that a dental bridge is the most appropriate solution for your missing teeth, they will start by filing the abutment teeth and shaping them for the dental bridge. After this, they will take standard impressions and may take a digital scan of your mouth. The impressions make it possible to create an exact model used for the fabrication of your dental bridge, which takes place at a dental laboratory. Your dentist may fit a temporary bridge to protect your teeth until the permanent bridge has been constructed. Once the final dental bridge is ready, you will be invited back to our office.

When you return for part two of the procedure, your dentist will replace the temporary bridge with the permanent dental bridge, and if necessary the underlying teeth are cleaned. To fix the dental bridge in place on the abutment teeth, dental cement is used and you can now enjoy your new restoration.

To learn more about dental bridges in Chestermere, AB, contact our dental clinic and schedule an appointment. We offer dental bridges near you and other restorative dental treatment.

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