Dental Services for Seniors in Chestermere, AB

Dental Services for Seniors Near You

One of the best things about dental services is that while there are general procedures that are availed by people of all ages, many are specialized to cater to certain populations or age groups. One such example is seniors dental services, a branch of dentistry that specializes in the maintenance and dental care for seniors who will require special attention to their aging teeth.

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Seniors Dental Services Near You

Seniors dental services in Chestermere, AB are designed to address a host of dental concerns that come with advanced age, such as:

  • Teeth darkening: As stain-causing beverages and food wear out the tooth enamel and thin it out, it causes the dark yellow dentin to show through.
  • Root decay: When the tooth’s root is exposed to acids, it causes decay and those areas may be (or become) prone to infection.
  • Gum disease: After a lifetime of bad habits such as smoking and poor hygiene, gum disease can develop in senior citizens and will require a special type of dental care for seniors.
  • Tooth loss: In later years, teeth become weaker and it is common for seniors to experience tooth loss which will require implants or other alternatives to replace their missing teeth.
  • Stomatitis caused by dentures: over time, dentures can become ill-fitting due to changes in the shape of the mouth or poor oral hygiene, which will require treatment and readjusting. Otherwise, the senior citizen might experience infection and inflammation due to the fungus build up under the denture.

Dental Care for Seniors

There are many more conditions that will require the elderly to avail of seniors dental services near you, but what largely makes up a part of this branch of dentistry is the prevention of illnesses that can be rooted in infections in the mouth. Dental services for seniors are also focused on improving the quality of life of senior citizens by giving them options for comfortable dentures and procedures that will allow simple acts such as speaking or eating less troublesome for them. Our experienced dentists are happy to treat patients of all ages.

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