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When was the last time you went to the dentist for a dental checkup? If you cannot remember, then it’s time that you schedule a visit, pronto. Good dental hygiene and overall health will always require routine dental cleanings and checkups. For one, your dentist is in the best position to determine the condition of your teeth when they examine your teeth at the time of your regular dental checkup in Chestermere, AB. They can point out certain areas that will require extra care, note possible procedures in the near future, and advise you on the most proper ways of caring for your teeth in between trips to the dental clinic.

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What Does a Dental Checkup Involve?

Fortunately, a routine dental checkup isn’t as scary as many people think. While there may be variations in terms of dental cleaning services on a case to case basis, the basic process will usually include:

1. A physical examination of the teeth and mouth. The teeth cleaning process begins with an inspection of your entire mouth for any concerning issues. At this time, we screen for any issues including oral cancer, abnormalities, or any issues that could affect your overall health.

2. Plaque and tartar removal. A scaler is used to scrape off the plaque and tartar found along and under your gum line.

3. Cleaning with gritty toothpaste. Your dentist will use an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste to deep clean each tooth. The rough texture of the toothpaste helps to slough off any buildup on your teeth.

4. Flossing. The dental cleaning will also involve flossing, which is also used to check for bleeding on the gums.

5. Rinsing. Your dentist will have you rinse off with water that has liquid fluoride mixed into it.

6. Fluoride treatment application. Finally, your dental checkup will end with a fluoride paste or gel applied on the teeth’s surface to protect it and keep it from developing cavities for the next couple of months.

If there are any other treatments or dental cleaning services necessary before, during, or after these general steps, your dentist will inform you of it. The important thing is to ensure that you make it to your scheduled appointment twice yearly!

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