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what makes someone a good candidate for dental implants

What Makes Someone A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

If you are suffering from an infected, broken, or missing tooth, then you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants in Chestermere. Many adults lose or damage a tooth at some point. While this can cause embarrassment, it can also cause more problems than that. A missing tooth can lead to issues such as:

  • Bone deterioration
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Shifting teeth
  • Poor nutrition

If you are suffering from a missing tooth, then your dentist near you may suggest that you consider dental implants as an option. Dental implants work and function just like your natural teeth, and when they are properly cared for, they can last you a lifetime.

Signs You May Be a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

For individuals missing their teeth or who have severely damaged teeth, dental implants can offer a strong, natural-looking, long-lasting restoration.

If you are wondering if dental implants are right for you, here are some signs that you may be a good candidate for this restorative dentistry procedure:

#1 You Are Missing One or Several Teeth

The most obvious sign that you could benefit from dental implants is if you are missing teeth. Dental implants near you provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth and restore your smile’s proper appearance and function.

When you visit our team at East Chestermere Dental for dental implants, the process will involve our dentist installing the dental implant into the space where the tooth used to be by placing an artificial titanium root directly into your jawbone. They will then add a dental crown to the implant post, completing the process.

#2 You Have a Broken or Cracked Tooth

If you have a broken or cracked tooth, it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Having injured teeth can also limit the amount of food you can eat and cause some anxiety surrounding the appearance of your smile. Replacing a broken or cracked tooth with a dental implant can do wonders for your quality of life and self-confidence.

#3 You Dislike Your Dentures

If you have had missing teeth for a while, you might have already chosen to be fitted with dentures. While this is a great option for patients who aren’t keen on getting extensive dental surgery, it can also cause some problems. For instance, some patients face difficulties when speaking and eating due to their dentures frequently slipping out of place.

When you switch to dental implants, you will notice that your implants are securely fixed in your jawbone, and you won’t have any of the uncomfortable sores or abrasions that often come along with dentures.

#4 You Have an Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth, the pain that it causes will likely send you straight to a dentist in Chestermere. Bacteria can enter your teeth through openings in the enamel caused by cavities and lead to abscesses, pain, and infection. In some cases, an infected tooth will need to be extracted and replaced, and a dental implant is one of the best options for replacement.

Visit East Chestermere Dental

If you believe that you may need a tooth replacement and would like to know more about whether dental implants are the right choice for you, please get in touch with our team at East Chestermere Dental today to book a consultation.

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