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why use invisible braces

Why Use Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces, also known by the trademarked name Invisalign, have been all the rage. But are these retainer-style braces worth it? Or is all the hype just a product of new technology? Let’s find out.

What are invisible braces?

Invisalign is a new type of braces, an alternative to the traditional wire ones. Instead of using springs and wires to apply pressure to move teeth, invisible braces (generally referred to as align technology by industry professionals) use a mold of your mouth to create a series of dental trays or retainers to gradually moves teeth into place. These trays are made of high-endurance plastics, and work at least as well as normal braces – many cases indicate that they may actually work better!

Align technology uses constant pressure to slowly move teeth. This means that the trays must be worn for long periods of time. Generally, professionals will recommend wearing these modern braces all the time and removing them only for eating, drinking, and teeth brushing. The individual trays will need to be updated every month or so; instead of having wires tightened at the orthodontist, you can simply pick up your new set of molded trays.

What are invisible braces good for?

The difference in the outcome for your smile when using invisible braces vs. wire braces is not noticeable at all. In fact, there is no difference in the final position of teeth. There are very few situations where align technology cannot achieve what normal braces can, and these are rare.  The alternative braces can successfully target and solve more problems than the old braces could. This is because they are custom fitted to a model of your mouth; this model is taken at a dentist’s office and kept electronically, allowing professionals to run computer simulations of the best and quickest way to get your smile perfect.

Align technology is used for fixing crooked teeth and improving your smile. That’s just its general purpose. Here’s a more complete list:

  • Problems with gaps between your teeth – usually, the cause of gaps between teeth is the jawbone. If you are missing a tooth, other teeth can even shift places in order to fill the spot, therefore creating gaps.
  • Overbite problems – this is a situation when your upper teeth are extended over your lower ones. If the overbite is not taken care of, it may cause further problems like irritation, gum diseases, etc.
  • Underbite problems – your front teeth may not function well which may lead to jaw problems, etc.
  • Crossbite problems – are characterized as a misalignment of your upper and lower jaw.

The Final Verdict

Invisible braces are not like your regular braces, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Now that you know what align technology is and what it is used for, maybe you should talk to a dentist near you and see what he has to say on the topic. The constant improvement of this relatively new technology means that prices are no longer unusually high: plus, these braces can now be used for teens and children. Align technology is certainly something to consider. I hope you have learned something new! Remember to take care of your teeth until we meet again!

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